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Spinoza The MC  
   Kapaljka Vs. Spinoza The MC
West Coast Artist Named Spinz

INTRO: Covjek iz California-e. Radio je gotovo sa svim poznatijim i underground likovima. Sta on misli o nasoj sceni i ostala netipicna pitanja...! Yep..Kapaljka Exclusive..
What's your name?
Spinz, they also call me Spinoza the MC.
What do you do for living?
I pick chicken bones out of the trash on a starving artists budget of no budget stuff, rap alot make a little money, I am basically a poor MC hard at work for a living.
How did it all started?
I grew up with this cat named Emmit Walker that knew Kankick and DJ Romes and the Lootpack guys, They showed me when I was 14 what was up and how to be a real MC and do real songs, we used to freestyle at this hip hop shop every once in a while and I was just watching and learning, now I stand on my own 2 feet. Dj Babu used to DJ and we would go off the head for hours.
With who have you worked?
I worked for a engineering company that fired me, FUCK YOU HALES ENGINEERING! But that was a long time ago, I work for everyone in Oxnard,CA and the movement of our music in the''805''. There's alot of cats that deserve credit for there hard work in my town and so I work for them and my family. I have worked for everyone my whole life and until now people have started tosee my work ethic. I am working on projects with Madlib, Ohno, Booka B from Rhymesayers, Roc C, Dos Noun Wildchild, Wegotsoul, Radyoyo, Prozack Turner, and plenty of Dirt Farmers albums on the way with our own production, I work 24/7 man.
Who's most cool layed back dude?
CL Smooth
Tell us about making into rap game in California ( US )?
It's tough, lots of haters, too many people, but I still love grinding out there, it's the true test of a human being aside from being in Japan or something, to work in L.A. is a experience, many experiences, good and bad. It's not for everyone but the ones that do it come out better for it for sure.
What do you think about Cro rap scene?
It's tight, I got Bolesna Braca CD when I came to Europe, I would like to work with those cats, Edo Majka is the man, I seen him twice in concert, Sett &Tremens are the homies, Phat Phillie is the homie, Carlito is the man and Nac is young as hell but he's gonna do big things in the future, the future of Croatian rap is very bright and the culture is respected and celebrated no matter what color, mainstream or underground, it's all tight.

Our clubbing scene?
Our girls?
Are you west side or east side? I know that you are W. Do you have love for the east? Are you like pac: "I have love for every nigga getting money!"?
Pac said it better than I could.
What cities have you visited in Croatia?
Every single one, I have past through, except a few islands, I've been to Karlovac, Varazdin, Zagreb, Split, just to name a few.
How's nightlife in California? ( USA )
It's ok, I have a family so I don't go out much unless we got a show, but Hollywood is out of this world, and you see everyone out and about, in clubs, movie stars, everyone, they are normal people too, but some of them have got too much money and they get a little wild or weird.

What about girls?
Tell us about groupies, Groupies skanks..gold
diggers..and so on..
All of them are out for the gold, they are full
of it if they say they aren't, how's a man supposed to take care of his family with no money. Groupies are nice, I give them hugs, I take pictures with them, they pay our bills and buy our CD's, my friends don't come to the shows so groupies are standing in line. There are not too many skanks we run across, we sniff them out and send them away, but if you wanna get with any member of my crew you gotta go through Roc C ladies.
What goes on in the VIP parties? Is it possible to get into one? How to get in?
VIP Parties are nice sometimes, sometimes it is just a
fashion show, if we get the VIP treatment somewhere we do it real nice and it's usually with our friends in the industry that we don't get to see always, movie friends and what not. Sometimes girls get wild and get naked and that's on them, everyone get's wild once in a while.
When will you visit Croatia again?
Whenever I get a day off from touring.
Who do you listen 2 privately?
My sons, they are the future MC's in the family. Even my 3 month old is starting to sing. But musically I listen to Lightin opkins, Cannonball Adderly, Old Blues, Jazz, instrumental stuff, most of the time I am working on my own music, so that is what I am listening to.
Tell us about your musical carrier, your records..
It started when I was 12 or something listening to rap music and our local college radio station, I have Experimental Hip Hop with The Dirt Farmers that just dropped here in Europe, I have a couple movie soundtracks out right now, one for ''The Job'' with Daryl Hannah and Brad Renfro, I am in a movie called ''In Your Eyes'' by Trae Briars III with Caleb Pinkett (Jada Pinkett's bro) Micahel Delorenzo from NYPD Blue and a few other cats, we did a cameo and the soundtrack, I get socked by Caleb in the movie. We have over 150 songs out since 1992, mixtapes throughout the west coast and east coast, europe, complilations with DJ's, collabs with everyone.
Are you for, or against MP3? Are you OK with..people downloding your songs as mp3?
No comment, it's different in Europe, download away, just come to the shows I got some stuff you can't download for dirt cheap.
What spots should we visit if we go to USA? What cities?
Oxnard,CA! Come to my town and get a burrito on Oxnard Blvd. Go to Venice Beach, go to L.A. Ventura, Palmdale, Go see Yellowstone in Montana, just go to Cali it's nicer.
Compare California and NY? Musicaly and 2 live in..
I never lived in NY so I can't says, I think Cali is a bigger place for working musicians but NY is where alot of people go to make the big money.
What are your last words to Croats?

That will b it..
Jos jedan intervju koji smo odradili na najvecoj mogucoj kreativnoj razini. Izvukli smo neka pitanja koja su drugi preskocili..i koja druge ne zanimaju! Ali ipa..

Intervju realizirao: MINO / 2005
Intervju i slike su u vlasnistvu Kapaljka.com stranice. Svako prenosenje, preuzimanje ili objavljivanje strogo je zabranjeno.

Clipse - ROYCE 5 9
Tip sa trakom na glavi na ovim slikama je clipse..tip koji je cijeli koncert drzo atmosferu i on je zasluzan dio sta je bio tako dobar stimung! Svakako se zna zabavljat! Nakon koncerta bio je glavni u zatvorenom djelu gdje je takodjer dizo atmosferu..na poznate stvari koa Still Dre, Next Episode, We R Right Here...etc.
Naj stvar - ROYCE 5 9
Naj stvar je definitivno Boom!
I'm the verbal-spit Smith Wesson, I unload
with sick spit that quick wick to split a split-second
Bomb with a lit wick expression
You here a tick tick then you testin..
My saliva and spit can split thread into fiber and bits
So trust me, I'm as live as it gets

CURE&Royce - ROYCE 5 9
Naravno, nebi bile nase cure da ga nisu pokusale zbarit. Neka plavusa i njena pomocnica su se vrlo spretno u isfuranim bijelim hlacam izverale na pozornicu nakon koncerta (unutrasnji dio ispred dj-a) gdje su pocele sa svojim Pocesi Me S koljenom Po Guzi plesovima...! Royce ih je poput jastreba skuzio, ali cini se da su cure dobile 0 bodova. Ajde ajde cure..bez muke..nema dobre struke...


p i c t o r i a l s
Dobro je bilo - Isli bi opet
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