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   MR. Trippalot - Exkluzivno za Kapaljku! Mexican finest gangsta rap! Representin L.A.
L.A. rapper Mr. Trippalot, exkluzivno za Kapaljku! Game Recognizes Game!

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Ovaj put Vam predstavljamo Mr. Trippalot-a, rapera iz L.A. koji opasno roka! Reprezenta West Side 2 tha fullest! Stoga, prije nego pocnemo s interviewom, obavezno bih Vam preporucio da skinete stvari: MY WAYS (8MB) I WEST SIDE LIVIN. Takodjer, skinite: MODO LOCO (3MB), MEXICANOS (3MB), UN DIA (3MB), QUE CRES (3MB). Uzivajte, I prije slucsanja..fileove samo od-zipajte!
Takodjer, OBAVEZNO UPALITE ZVUCNIKE jer dok ovo citate automatksi svira stvar My Ways (1MB, treba da se ucita).
Let's Roll!

1) First of all tell us somethin about your team/click…who is in? What's goin on?
Whats up? This is MR TRIPPALOT and you know im reppin' that D.E.M ENTERTAINMENT thats the label. My team is a bunch of real homies DINERO, LIL SNEAKS, RISKY, TROUBLES, SHIFTY. Then you got the sounds of IRV ALEXANDER AND DIAMYN you know. You'll hear more from them soon. We just here puttin it down for the
world, with some bangin music.

2) For people that don't know, u have the new album out
called MY WAYS…are you happy with the way things are
going, promotion and stuff like that?
Yeah 4 sure homie the album is doing good, we doin crazy shows, interviews. Im really proud of this album. We've put it together real good, got something in there for everyone. Im already starting my second album.

3) Name some of the producers who worked on tha
album and guests?
Theres only 1 producer that produces every D.E.M NTERTAINMENT album and thats the producer D.E.M. He got bangin production and has worked with artist like: THE GAME, BAD AZZ, SPICE 1, BIG SYKE, SPANKY LOCO, LOW PROFILE RECORDS, THUMP RECORDS. I mean, the list goes on. My guest on my album are ROYAL T, LIL BANDIT, BULLIT LOCO and BIG CAPONE. They are from low profile records. Then you have my D.E.M camp on there.

4) If somebody ask u, what kind of music u make, what
will u say
I would say I make real music, thats all I can make. I grew up in a hard place, SOUTH CENTRAL L.A. So what I see, what I feel is what I report. But it aint just gangsta shit on the album, I got some layback shit and some love for the ladies, cuz gangstas need love to

5) Is Trippalot the way he is on songs, and what he raps
about…also in real life??
Yeah the music is a reflection of me, dont get me wrong I dont go out looking for drama on purpose, but I still live in the hood homie, I got enemies around corners still. So believe me if it comes I'm not runnin', I'm a stand and take care of mine. But I like to relax
to and have fun and live life you know, I'mm not like some so called gangstas who just act hard all day long,

6) Who influenced you?…when did u start rappin?
My musical infuence comes from rappers like KID FROST, CYPRESS HILL, MC EIGHT, I mean all of the west coast classics you know. There iss to many to name. But also my hood, and the people in my life that are close to me. I started rhymin' about 6 years ago.

7) Which mc's are you feelin at the moment? What music
do u listen at home?
Im feelin my camp of course. I cant really say I have other music I listen to. If its on the radio I listen. But I def be bangin that classic Dr. Dre music homie, and my oldies.

8) What do u think about the west coast music right
now ? The resurrection??

Im feelin it, its about time we get some more attention, the west doesnt get the credit for allote of shit that we add to the game you know.

9.) What can you tell us about the gangs in L.A.? Is
the violence still going on as hard like in the 80's
and 90's??

The gangs in L.A., man I mean, to me its the same shit atleast where I live, someone else might tell you that its calmed down since the 80's and 90's. But theres still fools drivin up
and down askin people where there from, and blastin em if they feel like it. Kids still gettin shot for no reason. So I think its the same, its changed a lil, but shit, I think its worse, now you have more younger g's who dont give a fuck about any street codes and just doin' what they want to who they want, its fucked up but thats reality, at least for me.

10.) Do u think there will ever be peace in the

Hell no! Thats a good dream to have, but people are broke out here homie trying to survive, so the violence is just a product of that, you feel me. Its usually never personal when something goes down, you just become a casualty of the war, this is the west where
your friend is a glock and a vest.

11) What do u have to say about radio stations not
supportin west coast music ? Outside LA, and also in
the other parts of the world? In Cro, we don't have rap station! Only one keepin it hard is Rhyme G from Slovenia, in his show M.I.C. Club..
/ M.I.C. Club mozete slusati cetvrtkom, u 23h, preko winampa na adresi: http://www.radiocelje.com/v_zivo.php

Man its bullshit for those who dont support us independent labels and rappers, you know. Me, I get tired of hearin the same shit on the radio, its needs more variety, you know. But for ya'll holdin us down, I want to thank ya'll for the love and keep supportin us, so that this new music can spread.

12) How is the club scene in LA ?
I dont really go to the club much homie, but im sure its like everywhere else. Somebody gets drunk or to high and starts some bullshit. I stay out them scenes as much as I can. I dont really like being around a bunch of people I dont know, almost in the dark. lol. My gangsta senses goes crazy lol.

13) Tell us about groupie world, and diggers that just want your money? When we in Croatia host some De La or Liks shit, groupies are all over..
Man i love them groupies, I never hate on the groupies, they do alote for a ese lol. But yeahm there all over homie, the shows, hotel rooms, the mall, man everywhere. We cant escape em sometimes.

14) Do you have spots in L.A. where they play that real hard shit and that girls also visit that type of places?
Yeah 4 sure I mean this is L.A homie, we got every type of spot you need. Theres some real banged out spots where its dangerouse to even go, cuz you never know whats going to happin, feel me?

15) Are you FOR or AGAINST Mp3? Do you hate on people who download your shit all the time?
I cool with mp3s homie. They help promote and spread my shit. One thing people should know about my label is, there not scared to give away hot shit for free download. We do it all the time. Remember to download our new mixtape, june 2 06 bangin as shit.

16) Have u heard about the beef with spanky loco and
knightowl? Do u know what happened,..and are they ok

Spanky loco hes the homie, we got love for him over here hes also featured on our all spanish album called MEXICANOS. Thats in stores also. Knightowl, I havenet worked with him and dont know much about him as far as from a personal level, so I'm a leave the beef and
drama on that side. I dont get involved with other peoples beefs. Just somethin I dont do.

17) Tell us somethin about your future projects?
Well, we got LOS ANGELES GANGSTERS album comin out on june 6 06 with features from LIL CUETE, CONEJO, HUERO SNIPES, BIG SYKE, BAD AZZ, AND THE HOMIES FROM THE D.E.M LABEL. Also we have our free download mixtape called "BEHIND THE WEST COAST" that will be on line for download on june 2 06. The labels site is www.demusicinc.com . We got DINEROS album called "MONEY ,POWER & HONOR coming soon. We got LIL SNEAKS SOLO ALBUM coming soon. We got CRIMINAL MINDED album coming soon, and dont forget the movie and the soundtrack to CROSS THE LINE, and much more.

18) How do u feel about all the westcoast legends like
Ice cube, Mc eiht, Ice-t…coming back, and still releasing
albums after all this years?
Its cool. I dont have a problem with that, you know, as long as the music is still hot do your thing. But I do have a problem when all you hear is those who already put it down for the west. Lets hear some new fools on some tracks you know, like I said befor give the
people some more variety to listen to.

19) Are there any mcs you would like to work with in
the future?
Man I would like to work with whoever want to work with me homie, if you real, got some shit bangin, im down with it, I dont care about a type of status, you feel me. But if I had to choose I would say Vypress hill, Ice cube, Easy E, and a few others I've already worked with (Kid frost) look out for that to.

20) What do you think about LIL E (lil eazy-e)…son of
the legendary eazy-e?
I think LIL E is doing what he should be doing, he able to rap, he is the son of a legend, and hes keepin the name alive. I wish him the best.

21) What do you think of Game?
I got no beefs with game. My producer usto be apart of The Game's Blackwallstreet awhile back. Anyways, he doing it big and I'm a always support the west.

22 ) Do u have your own webpage, or somethin where
people can see all the news and stuff ?
If you want to find out about me or any other of the artist go to WWW.DEMUSICINC.COM or at myspace at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/DOUBLEEDGEMUSIC. Oon our site, check out the videos and shit, and theres allote of free downloads.

23) Do you do shows, concerts? Are you thinking to come
to europe in future?? Maybe you can come to Croatia?
Yeah we always doin' shows and shit, and as far as comin' out there, shit, anything is possible you know, that shit would be fun.

24) How do u feel about having fans all around the
world ?
Its crazy in a way we get so much mail and e mails from so many different types of people lovin our music. It keeps us keep wanting to make more you know. But we need ya'll, we cant do this shit alone, we need you fans to support our music not bootleg it feel me, so we can keep growin 4 real.

25) Aight man…thank u verry much for tha interview,
you have any last words??
Yeah 4 sure! This is your homie MR TRIPPALOT D.E.M all day and I would like to thank you for doing this interview homie and fuckin with me on a real level. And all the fans that love my music, thank you for the love and keep spreading the word and lets bang together, more music more videos comin soon, anytime you want to get at me, lets connect! I'm out.

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Intervju realizirao: MINO / Rhyme G / 2006
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Mr. Trippalot
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Last Shout Outs
I'd like to thank you Mr. Trippalot and his crew..for taking the time..to do the interview with us. Also, I'd like to thank them for allowing us to put their shit online, not many people will do that. Fuck, not even our Croatian rapper will allow us that! You are real for that! Bang hard! Peace
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