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INTRO: Jos jedan exkluzivan interview. That's what's up! Ako su Vam 300 bars...360 bars..omiljene stvari..i stalno skidate s neta mixtapes..onda je ovo tocno interview za Vas. Covjek koji izbacuje world premijere svaki tjedan..na svojoj stranici..radi opasne mixtape albume..! Pa nema onog tko valjda unutar stvari nije cuo: "This is dj skee exclusive."
Dosta price! krenimo na interview! Nakon Mr. Trippalot-a dosao je na red Dj Skee! Kapaljka Exclusive shit! Xclusive Interview!

1) For people that don't know DJ SKEE,what do u have to say about yourself?
Check the resume and work, im takin over the world
2)Tell us somethin about your radio show ?
I put out the hottest 2 hours in radio histroy live from the streets
of LA to the world, we killin it there and its been a blessing to see
how far the show has come

4) Can people listen to your show online? If not, do u  think they could in the future?
Ya, we got the podcasts up on DJSKEE.com!
5) Name some of the guests u had in your show?
Everyone from Game to Fat Joe to Chamillionaire to E40 etc etc; everyone!
6) U hosted some of tha dopest mixtapes ever, which one u like the most ?
Hmmmmm... all of em... ha! Actually i really like the Joker brand series I did of old school hip hop and samples, its crazy
7) How manny mixtapes have u done?
Too many to name
8) G Unit or G U not?
Come on
9) Do the mc's choose the instrumentlas they rap on? Or do u help them, give them ideas??
Usually im there choosing them and giving the guidance...
10) What are your plans in the future? Can u give us a lil sneak preview of new upcoming mixtapes??
Man, tooo much to name! Continuously taking this game over and aimin for the world !
11) What was the deal with Crooked I's young boss volume 2.? Why the wait was so long?
Label politics and bullshit, it was supposed to come out in stores so
they had me not release it to the streets and it never happened....
so I just put it out myself

12) The mixtape is out now,are u happy with the way it's going??
Which one? Haha....
13) U did a lot of mixtapes with The Game…are u guys  friends? What do u have to say about tha game? Will you work together again in the future?
Ya for sure, thats the homie we've made too many classics to stop now
14) U did 2 dope mixtapes: Tears Of a Clown for JOKER  brand,...are u connected with them? There are not  manny hip hop brands in west coast right??
Ya, Joker is Mister Cartoon & Estevan Oriol's brand, and those are my
big brothers. I support them 100% with any and everything and they do
the same for me
15) U Recently hosted tha new crazy toones mixtape, how do u feel about it?
GREAT! Workin with a west coast legend like CT was great and that cd
is OFF the hook
16) Do u play as a DJ on partys ,concert / clubs??
Hell yea, all the time!
16.1) What would take for us to bring you to play in Zagreb?
$$! haha...

17) How is the club sceen like in L.A.?
Its whatever, its real hollywood but there is some good shit
17.1) Do people recognize you on the streets? Do they show you love??
Yea its crazy recently its been happening a lot, and when it does its
always been nothing but love
17.2) What about groupies? Tell us more about it
No comment
18) How is L.A. like in general? We (people in europe)  only get to know it through music…??
L.A. is crazy.... it has so much from the richest people and
neighborhoods in the world to the grimiest hoods. You gotta watch ur
back wherever and play the street politics right.

19) How do u feel about other radio stations not supportin the west coats hip hop??
Fuck em
20) When u first got into hip hop? Who influenced you?
Man everyone from pac to big to julio g, dj clue, stretch armstrong, everyone!
20.1) When u first started djing and what was the first record you bought?
It was a Dr. Dre record i believe
21) Who are u feelin the most right now??
Games new album !
22) Who are your favourite mc's?
Toooo many to name
23) What do you have to say about lil eazy e??
I've never worked with him so i dont have anything to say good or bad
24 ) How do u feel about the west coast right now? And in the future? With new albums from ice cube, compton's  most wanted, Tha dogg pound…all the legends coming  back…??
Great we on the upward swing we just gotta unite and make great music
25) Who do u like the most from the new mc's from the west??
Man theres a bunch of hot dudes! Omar Cruz, Ya Boy, Bishop, Glasses,
Spit Fiya, etc etc.... theres some real talent out here!

26) What do u like more old g funk sound or the new west coast sound ?
Both mayne....
28) Are u thinkin of hosting mixtapes for real  muthafuckaz like dre'sta ,tha young hoggs and lil eazy e?
Anything is possible im open to whatever

29) Do u know Julio G personally?do u look at him as a  competition?or are u cool with him?
Thats the big homie, hes a legend and broke barriers so i could be
here, i look up to JG!

30) Have u ever seen 2pac or Eazy E live?
Na i never got to unfortuantly
31) Do u have a official website,where people can chek what's goin on ?!?
31.2) If people want to send you fan mail, where can the do that?
[email protected]

32 ) How do u feel about the whole world is feelin the  west coast music, and there are fans all over tha world?
We on the rise
33) Are there any new mc's that's coming from the west  that we need to look out for? Some dope new  underground mc's ,that gonna blow for sure in future?
Def, everyone i named above
34) Any last words??
Thanks to everyone for the support, get ready its just beginning !

Intervju realizirao: MINO / Rhyme G / 2006
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I'd like to thank Dj Skee for taking his time to do this interview. Svi Vi koji citate..ubrzo cemo imati jos exkluziva. A sad Vam je jasno kad kazemo..da mi ne prenosimo vijesti..updatei..i ostale stvari..vec da ih stvaramo. Zelimo da citate uvijek exkluzivan materijal..a ne nesto sta je prenasano 1000 x
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