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Babe Of The Month No6

Evo ga. Lagali nismo. Cura je iz Amerike..! Bolja je nego sve tvoje male koje si ikad imao zajedno..! Zato..molim te lijepo..otvori prvo sliku na kojoj drzi natpis Kapaljka.com...snimi joj oblekicu..a onda kasnije otvori njene ostale slike. I istina..ove druge slike smo dobili exkluzivno iz njene arhive..tako da mozete vidjeti sta cura radi..sta sprema. Jesam reko da sam joj istreso 50ak pitanja da odgovori...? Docekali ste..
Velika fotka je je 100% K Exclusive| Copyright

1) Who are you? What's your name? Iím an actress and model. My full name is Mary Antoinette Castro
2) Where were you born? West Covina, California, in Los Angeles county
3) What do you do for living, except looking hot? Iím a working actor and model.
4) You starred in Epic Movie, CSI. would you please continue...where eElse did you appear? Well, just to name a few, I have co-starred on ďthe King of QueensĒ,Ē Las VegasĒ. I had a supporting role in the feature film Reno 911: Miami, I have been on Jimmy Kimmel live a few times doing comedy skits also.
5) Would you take your clothes off for some magazine, for 20,000$? Well. I guess if it was Playboy I would consider it. I have no problem with nudity. I love my body for all that it is
6) Have you ever been to Europe? Yes, I vacationed in Marbella, last year in 2006, it was wonderful. I really want to go back to Europe someday and visit many places.
7) Would you like to visit Croatia? I would love to! Send me a plane ticket!
8) Do you go for Alpha males or average guys that studder? Iím a sucker for a down to earth guy that is completely himself, studder and all. Hey, Iím not perfect!
11) If you come to Croatia, go to some club..what would be the best way for someone to approach you, and get to know you? Just say hello and be polite.
12) How many hours do you spend on PC (weekly)? Way to many,
13) How does your average night out looks like? Go to dinner, then maybe to a club or bar, and dance the night away
14) Do you drink when you go out? Yes, I enjoy having a nice cocktail and hanging out with friends.
15) Do you fall for guys that floss around hot girls? Floss? I never heard of that term before . . . so Iím not sure . . .
16) Do you own a car? Yes, here in Los Angeles you could not be successful if you didnít have a car to get around in. I think I spend most of my† time in my car! Actually it took me 2 hours to get home today with all the traffic.
17) What's the prettiest and the least expensive thing someone has bought / made? My friends usually print photos for me to hang up, and I really love putting up all the photos from great memories.
18) How often do you approach guys? Do you support that? Iím a very assertive person. I go after what I want anytime
19) What would your past boyfriends say about you? That† I am truly unforgettable
20) How often do girls in USA engage in 1 night stand? Iím not sure, I guess it happens, I can only speak for my self though, and I have never† had an experience with a one† night stand.
21) Do you support that? I just know itís not really for me. I really love getting to know a guy and building up the anticipation of sex.
22) Reveal something about yourself that you never said in interview. I sing in the shower..
23) What are your vices? Wine and sex. I could not live without them..
26) Do you have more girl-friends or male friends? I have more male friends. I always have. I know many females but we never seem to hang out.
27) Is it possible for a girl to have a male friend..that isn't stuck in *friend* zone? I believe even if you have a friend of the opposite sex you are still attracted to some quality about them or they would be your friend. So it would not be impossible to have sexual feeling about them.
28) Would you have an affair with married man? No,
29) Do you watch porn? Not really, then again I donít have much time to watch tv at all.
30) Do you have some e-mail where people that will read this..can send you comments? But be aware, they could fill your inbox! You can send emails to [email protected]
31) Whould you go on a date with someone date you met on myspace? Sure why not. If I had been talking and emailing the person for a while. you never know where you might find love.
33) Do you ever wear topless? In Reno 911: Miami I did. But there is nowhere here on our beaches that we can do that L
34) When was the last time you took a swim..naked?† Last year when I was in Spain. I had so much sangaria!!!!!!!!
35) Do you know who Gorn Visnjic is ( Luka from the ER series?) Well he is Croatian. What do you think about him?† he is very hot and sexy (http://www.volny.cz/pohotovost/pix/visnjic003.jpg)
37) What's your favorite rapper? (No anwser)
38) Would you date a guy younger then you? Sure if I was attracted to him.
39) What you date a guy that's poor? Can't buy you fancy dinners every weekend. If I really liked someone it wouldnít matter if he was rich or poor. There is more to a relationship then going out to dinner every weekend.
40) Were you a cheerleader in HS? Yes, and on the drill team.
43) Do you like sport? Yes. I love sports. they are very exciting. Football, baseball, and basketball are very big here where I live.
44) Have you ever been to spring break? I go to Vegas all the time for spring break!
45) What's the craziest thing you did out there? No lying, going to the topless pool at Mandalay bay in Las Vegas. I also love to dance, so I will get on top of tables and bars and dance
46) How often are you judged 'cuz of your looks? All the time. I wish it wasnít like that. †
47) Do you smoke? No
48) Do you like Oprah? Oprah as a person? Yes, I do. She helps many people, and I think that is awesome. If I had her power and money I would do the same
49) Do you like soft guys, that cry on every movie that they see? That kind of Soft? I donít mind a man crying if he had seen a sad movie or something bad has happened in his life, but not to cry about every movie he sees! I donít believe crying is a sign of weakness, I believe it is a sign of strength when you trust someone enough to even cry in front of them and let them into your heart.
50) Would you leave your guy that you love if he gets paralized bellow waist, including the *important zone*? I would not leave someone because of that. I wouldnít want him to leave me. I would keep my promise to love him and take care of him. I am the kind of person that when things get tough, I donít bail out. I find a way to make things work. To know I am loved just as much back, is the greatest thing in the world.
51) I would like..to thank you for the time..you took..to hook up with
Croatia - Zagreb..! Last words?
I love you all, and I canít wait to visit with you and a have a couple of drinks
52) was it cold when you got semi-naked for taking Kapaljka.com - Zagreb By Night Picture? Actually it was very hot
53) Last Last words? XOXO!!!!!!! vist me at www.MaryCastro.net and www.myspace.com/marycastro


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Fotke ste vidjeli! Shvatili ste da je curka opasnija i neukrotivija od tvoje male koja te tjera da gledas kucanice! Iako bi ti nesto drugo gledo. Al eto..! Nisi plako na filmovima kad je trebalo. Nisi bio cool i pristojan kad je trebalo. Sad je vrijeme..da Pay Your Dues..
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